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About Co.operation

What is Nordic-Art Co.operation

Nordic-Art Co.operation is a cooperation between artists from Nordic countries. The cooperation is to welcome artists to another Nordic country with a joint extrange exhibition in their own home country. The cooperation is intended to promote friendships and working community between artists in the Nordic countries and now is the first friendship exchange exhibition Denmark - Finland _ Sweden where sculptor and designer Kristian Venäläinen from Finland and visual artist Lotte Kjøller from Denmark are leaders and curator in their own country. In these 2 exhibitions equal numbers of Danish and Finnish and swedish artists at maximum 6 persons each must be represented. There must also be both men and women from both countries. Of couse skilled artists for a good show. And young talents.

Why do we call us Co.operation

We intentionally call the exhibition Nordic Art because we are from Nordic countries and because later we can open the exhibition to other Nordic countries if it becomes a success. And there are actually many exhibitions in all the Nordic countries together. 

The exhibition is called Co.operation because it is exactly what it is - a cooperation in Nordic countries between artists and art forms. Co.operation also means co. with means again and again, and operation means fx., surgical operations which is a violent intervention. And that's the exhibition is ...

We believe that the artexhibition itself just should be called: Co.operation

Where are we now

Currently we are in the end of finding proffesional finnish and danish artists for the exhibition. We need more swdish artists. The curators will select the most suitable artists. There will be a cooperation where the artists hosting the exhibition in their own country help to arrange, house the artists of the neighboring country, and apply for grants for the exhibition in own country. There are special grants for Nordic cooperations in both countries. 

Exhibition halls, museums and art galleries are welcome to contact us regarding an upcoming exhibition at the adress below.


Finland: Kristian Venäläinen 

Denmark: Lotte Kjoeller 

All inquiries must be made through the contact form or through this mail:



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