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Designer and skulptor Kristian Venäläinen from Finland

Designer and skulptor Kristian Venäläinen from Finland

Kristian Venäläinen is a Designer and Sculptor. He is the artistic leader of the Finnish artists here in the group. We think that Kristian's sculptures are foresighted and strong. He lives in countryside in the Finnish forest in a Artcenter. He tells:

I have graduated 1997 as ceramist artist/designer from Kuopio Academy of Design (Polytechnic degree). Then I had a possibility to work one year at Rosenthal Creative Center in Germany. Also I worked as Head of Ceramic and Glass Department back in Kuopio and as Dean in USA at Finlandia University’s International School of Art and Design. Full time artist in Finland I’ve been since 2006. I’m living and working in Art center Järvilinna.

I’m constantly going through changes at my work, even though there remains some stability. Recent years sculptures made out of different materials like ceramics, bronze and wood has been on a main role in my production. I also like to combine different materials in my sculptures.

It is important for me to get to know boundaries and possibilities of the materials I’m working with, it also has important role in my creative work. I could say many of my works come out by experiencing the material through my hands while working. That is also why I love my main material ceramic so much.

Kristian Venäläinen: Designer/Sculptor

Järvilinnantie 213, 41330 Vihtavuori, Finland

Mail:, Site:, Tel:  +358 400 294170

textile artist Aino Kajaniemi from Finland

textile artist Aino Kajaniemi from Finland


My tapestries tell stories of the human being and life. With symbolism I want to make pictures with small, concrete things using moments and atmospheres in a person’s life, so that they form a metaphor of something greater. In my art I depict human growth and life's complexity and emotions  poetically and individually way. I feel that even sad things are more easily approachable in textile because the material in itself holds optimistic and soft values.

I have had 40 solo exhibitions and have taken part in numerous exhibitions in 32 different countries.  Selected latest exhibitions: I have made over 30 commission works and liturgical textiles for 7 churches.

I was selected as the textile artist of the year 2010 in Finland and got 5 years grant from the state of Finland in the year 2011 and 2016.   2019 Poikilo, Kouvola Art Museum with Aura Kajaniemi. Canada, Ontario, Oakville, The Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre. 2018 Sweden, Borås Textile Museum, Everyday Matter. 2017-18 Scotland, Edinburgh, Dovecot Gallery, Women Warp and Weft. 2017 Sweden, Rydals Museum, JOHTOLANKA. Denmark, Øregaard Museum, Olo – Maerkbart Finnish - Danish  exhibition. 2017 Kerava Art Museum Sinkka, Vihreä maa -  Kukkiva kaupunki. South Korea, Cheongju International Craft Biennale. 2016-17 England, Linconshire, The National Centre for Craft and Design, NCCD, HERE AND NOW. MacBirmingham, The Holborne Museum, Path. 2016 Korea Suwon / Hwasung,  Bojagi – The Living Tradition  Exhibition. USA, Washington, The Textile Museum, Stories of Migration: Contemporary Artists Interpret, Diaspora. USA , New Jersey,  Clinton, International tapestry exhibition, Hunterdon Art Museum. 2016-17 Kemi Art Museum,YKSEYS, together with Aura Kajaniemi. 2016 Helsinki, Gallery Katariina (solo)

2015 Museum of Central Finland(solo). USA, Michigan, Hancock, Finlandia University, The Finnish American Heritage Center.       USA, Colorado, Durango, Studio & (solo). 2014 Joan Mondale gallery, Minneapolis/USA(solo). Portugal,  Guimaraes,. CONTEXTILE 2014 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial. 2013 Poland/ Lodz, Central Museum of Textiles, 14th International Triennial of Tapestry

Aino Kajaniemi, textile artist

Lahjaharjuntie 12, 40250 Jyväskylä, Finland


Visual artist and skulpture Sanna Koivisto from Finland

Visual artist and skulpture Sanna Koivisto from Finland


I’ve been a professional artist/sculptor since 1978. My art consist of small sculptures, paintings, portraits, drawings, several public monuments and some environment art.

My roots are in northern Finland which can be seen in my art. Environment, animals and human nature are my tools to interpret global issues.

Single exhibitions: Museum of Oskari Jauhiainen.  1998,2006,2010. Hagelstam gallery in Helsinki.1995. Museum of central Finland, Jyväskylä, 1993. Art museum of Lapinlahti,1991. Art museum of Aine, Tornio,1991. Art museum of Oulu ,1986,1994,1996

KulttuuriKauppila 2005, and 2017 my own retrospektive for 40 years. 

Joint exhibitions: Suvi Pinks, 2001,2000. Gallery Brinkkala, Turku 1995. 

International exhibitions: Szigentszentmiklos and Szentendre , Hungary 1990

Sanna Koivisto 

Kauppilantie 15b

91100. Ii


Visual artist Auli Halttunen from Finland

Visual artist Auli Halttunen from Finland


The subjects of my paintings moves in different emotional areas of human life with fragility and like a small seeds of hope.  Also the nature with its bright colors and the shapes of the sky give my work inspiration. My single work exudes my fascination with the narrow colorist and harmonious world of colours. I use fabric and wood as a base for my paintings. Wood has come
important to me as a material.

Art Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Academy of Art, Bologna, Italy.

Exhibitions (selection)
2019: Helsinki, Gallery SEINÄ (solo). Korpilahti, Höyry Gallery (solo). Jyväskylä, Gallery Becker, Artist of the Month. Laukaa, Art Center. Järvilinna, Strawberry field, Jyväskylä Artists Assosiation. Jyväskylä, Gallery Patina, What's All! Studio Treasures. 2018: Pieksämäki, Cultural. Center Poleeni, Five Steps. Jyväskylä, Gallery Patina, Nine Primary. Colours. Jyväskylä, Art Museum, In a Festive Mood.

Auli Halttunen, Visual Artist
Sorarinne 9, 41310 Leppävesi, Finland

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Skulpture and Installation of Ylva Westerhult from Sweden

Skulpture and Installation of Ylva Westerhult from Sweden

Educadet on:
2011 MFA in Fine Art, Umeå Academy of Fine Art, Umeå, Sweden

I find raw material for my work in issues that force me to define my realities. A reality that include both pleasant and unpleasant recollections. I am a receptor and my physical self forms the centre of my access to the world. Within the process of reconstruction, constructing and documenting my body, impermanence and fragility are recurring themes. It is the surface of the skin meeting the clothes, being my outer boundary, both separating my body from the world and a place for encountering it. I am a mixed media artist that finds and uses the media that best fits my idea. My work is my way of dealing with issues we usually tend to avoid in life. When in life meeting difficult situations, it can be an advantage to recognize
their existence, to see them, talk to them, let them become a friend, a conversation partner, instead of denying their existence. My focus is the process of how my body is in a constant impermanence and a way of dealing with my fragility of that ever changing balance. I use indexico, the estetic of the trace, as both the body and the trace have distinct fragile elements. I also see my work related to antrophometry, the measurement of mankind. I have gotten a rare prospect in life that I am gaining from. Because of an infliction on my body, I have gotten the opportunity to explore transgressive issues that has made me re-evaluate how to live my life. What I took for granted when I was 25 I have to revaluate in the morning everyday.
I am a public diary. I am visibly changing. I work within the same platform as Ann Hamilton. But I use different criteria to
harvest my collective memories; I build connections with my own past through the collective memories of my family. I nurture the past to understand the present. I am all about living. To understand that process it helps having death near.
Life becomes even more valuable when death is close to it 

Soloexhibitions (selection):
2017 St James’ Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Gharb, Gozo, Malta. 2015 Galleri Alva, Norrlands Universitets Sjukhus, Umeå, Sweden. 2015 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France. 2015 Konstfrämjandet i Västerbotten, Umeå, Sweden
2014 HUMlab-X, Umeå Capital of Culture 2014, Umeå, Sweden. 2014 Aadk - Espacio de investigation y creacion contemporanea, Centro Negra, Blanca, Murcia, Spain (collaboration with Malin Tivenius). 2012 Galleri Art-On, Halmstad, Sweden. 2010 G60, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden

Skulpture and installation

Artist Ylva Westerhult, Malmö, Sweden, e-mail: westerhult (at)

Visual Artist Anna Lindgren from Sweden

Visual Artist Anna Lindgren from Sweden

Living in Copenhagen.

Member of BKF,

Danske Grafikere

and CNG Artist´s Books Group 


In my artist praxis I´m working with painting/graphic/drawing and artist books.

I have chose to work with this different media because they give me a kind of freedom in the material. I find it interesting to see how my thoughts and method interact in my praxis.

I am currently working on a series of paintings based on my own photographs from different places where I have spent time - a kind of travelogue.

In my practice, I have previously worked with themes where I try

Intertwine dreams, memories and reality in a story there

Mimics a -surrealistic world that points to the psychological.

I have always been interested in the human connection to nature and the connection between nature and man. In my current project, my paintings are 

more rooted in the existential, a reality in which image is retrieved.

Selected solo exhibitions

2019 Visby domkyrka. 2018 Konsthallen i Arboga. 2017 Kirsten Kjærs museum, Frøstrup. 2013 Henneberghus, Esbjerg. 2012,10.08,03 Galleri Estetica, Malmö. 2011 Røde Torn, Slagelse. 2011 Amtsgården, Næstved. 2010 Galleri Pi, København. 2009 Bohus galleriet,Uddevalla. 2007,02 Galleri Hera,Stockholm. 2007 Kirsten Kjærs museum, Frøstrup. 2007 Klippans konsthall

2007 Galleri RN, Aakirkeby Bornholm. 2007,05,04 Bredgade Kunsthandel, København. 2006 Frederiks Bastion,København. 2002 Skovhuset, Værløse. 2001, 99,97 Galleri 2112, Rødovre.. 1997 Galleri die Werkstatt, København. 1997 Kunstkorridoren Nådada, København


Selected group exhibitions

2020 Bkf medlemsudstilling, Annaborg,Hillerød. 2019 vinterudstilling, Bredgade Kunsthandel. 2019 "Press Print". Overgaden,København. 2019 Danske Grafiker,medlemsudstilling,København. 2019 Gallery Adolfini, Bristol. 2017 Metropol II, Gallery K2, Izmir and at Atelier Birgit Dalum, Copenhagen. 2016” Dimension” Rundetorn, Copenhagen. 2016 “En skov af tryk” , Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad. 2014 "Hjem"  Nordatlantens Brygge, Copenhagen. 2014 Nordenshus, Reykjavik Island. 2013 Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad. 2013 Kulturhuset i Nuuk Grønland. 2013 Kunstbrænderiet,Vejle. 2013 Bispegården,Kalundborg. 2013 Kongagaarden, Korsør. 2008 “ Nordvest” Frederikshavn kunstmuseum. 2011,07 “Kunstmaand" i Ameland Holland.   

2006 Pakhuset, Nykøbing-sjælland. 2006,03,00 Gammelgaard, Herlev. 2004 “De syv dødssynder” SAK – kunstbygning, Svendborg. 2004 Museum center I Års. 2000-98 Projekt ”Shooting Stars – The Art Comet” vandreudstilling, Nationalmuseum, Vilnius,Riga, Narva & Tallin. Gdansk (Polen), Helsinki (Finland), kunstmuseet i Drammen (Norge), Rådhuset i Prag ( Tjekkiet)    

1999,98,97 Galleri Shambala Copenhagen. 1999 Efterårsudstilling Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. 1996 ”Kvinde i Europa” Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg. 1995 KE kunstnernes efterårsudstilling, Copenhagen  

Legat: Anna E Munchs Legat

Anna Lindgren
Tåsingegade 2, 3tv
2100 Kbh. Ø

Aldersrogade 6F
2100 København Ø

Tel: +4525671033


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Visual Artist Hanne M. Biedilæ from Norway

Visual Artist Hanne M. Biedilæ from Norway

I've always been interested in the meeting between people and the individual in meeting with oneself

Like the ebb and flow of the tide

I feel fear and joy

Who should I be, and who will I be

who are you, and who are we

Each experience, challenge or enrichment

what impressions do they leave

on us, on you or me

These imprints are not erased

They follow us throughout our lives

They are displayed in and on us

I work thematically and in series. My starting point is that I collect stories from my own and other people's lives and create new narratives. I stage these through ceramic works or on canvas.

My work is broad-ranging and is constantly moving in line with my own development as a human being. I express myself in the abstract and figurative.

Studio/workshop: Studiohmb | Dammyr 16, 1605 Fredrikstad | |

+ 47 97411705 | Facebook: Studiohmb | Instagram: @studiohmb

My name is Hanne M. Biedilæ, and I was born in Sarpsborg, Norway in 1972. I have worked as an artist in my own workshop/studio and run different galleries alone and in multiple art collectives since 2007.

I am a ceramist and visual artist.

Having run several different galleries, I have curated exhibitions for myself and other artists. I have been a member of the exhibition committee of various Norwegian art societies.

My work has primarily been presented in my own galleries, other galleries and art societies in Norway.

Exhibitions (selected)

Moss kunstforening (Moss Art Gallery), Tønsberg kunstforening (Tønsberg Art Gallery), Vestby kunstforening (Vestby Art Gallery), Høyanger kunstlag (Høyanger Art Gallery), Åsnes kunstforening (Åsnes Art Gallery), Sarpsborg kunstforening (Sarpsborg Art Gallery), Jølstramuseet (The Jølstra Museum), Storedal kultursenter (Storedal Culture Centre), DOGA - Design og arkitektur Norge (Design and Architecture, Norway),

I hold interactive art courses for public services, privat companies and private individuals focusing on inspiring others to find their inner artist. Working with techniques as ceramics, paint and drawing.

Education: Ceramics, Sønderborg Denmark | Visual art, Nydalen Norway

Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ

P.O.Pedersen vei 9,

1672 Kråkerøy

+ 47 97411705

Date of birth: 13.09.72

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