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Visual artist Lotte Kjøller/Kjoeller/Kjöller

Visual artist Lotte Kjøller is several things. She is an artistic leader of this group for the Danes, curator, and artistic and photo-artistic model. She is reportedly the female artist who has come the longest in Denmark. Judge for yourself! She tells:

I, artist Lotte Kjøller, is born in 1966 in Køge, Denmark. I have exhibited many  places. I debuted at the danish Artists Exhibition in 1995 and got 3 works becomes the same place 1996. In 1997 I was on scholarship trip to Paris, where I studied at the art academy and fine arts at Ecole Des Beaux Artes. Before that I was in 3-year apprenticeship with artist Jeff Ibbo.

Now I've got the professional quality status both as a member of the Visual Artists' Association in Denmark (BKF) and the Danish Writers Association (DFF) as an illustrator and a poet. I have exhibited widely both in Denmark and the rest of the world. I paint acrylic on canvas. As an artist, I am most famous for painting naked people. I have done that all my life. I'm also working to put more canvas upholstery together for 1 picture and in all possible canvas formats. Moreover I makes installations, draw, illustrate, doing sculpture, teaches and talks. My paintings are always acrylic on canvas, sculpture of stoneware or bronze, and lithography are stone pressure on cotton paper. See my site: www.Lk-kunst.dk where there are works, full CV, etc.

Debut på Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling 1995 og derefter 1996 samt Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2000 og 2001. Herudover udstillinger på Køge Skitsesamling, H.C. Andersen Museum, Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Than Mo´r Mail Art Museum, Mediemuseet i Odense, Frauenmuseum, Ino-cho Paper Museum, Politikens Hus, Rundetaarn, Nicolai Udstillingsbygning, SAK kunstbygning, Rønnebækholm, kunsthal vARTe samt mange gallerier & kunstforeninger i Danmark og i udlandet.

(se dataliste/CV).

Gallery Lk-kunst.dkAtelier Lk-kunst.dk. Art studeo by Artist Lotte Kjoeller. 

Bogholder Allé 66 kl. th. 2720 Copenhagen. Denmark

Mail: Lk@Lk-kunst.dk. Tel: + (45) 2383  0717. www.Lk-kunst.dk

Photographer Esben Fog

 Esben Fog has held photographic exhibitions since the late 1990’s.

Esben has a narrative approach to his work, working mainly with staged photography. This entails arranged scenes, with carefully choreographed, planned images. Rather than recording and interpreting the physical world, he creates alternative realities in small figurative worlds, where the observer is invited in to explore and participate in these new realities that in turn slowly disclose yet more narratives.

Esben has worked mainly with film/analogue techniques and is now increasingly working with digital format.   

Esben’s portfolio is primarily of the nude human body. Clothing gives a figure a defined identity, situated in a defined time. Unclothed the figure transcends time and place and becomes universal.

Esben is a member of the “Danish historical photographical Society” and finds inspiration from the works of old photographers such as Henry Peach Robinson and Oscar Gustav Rejlander. Painters have also been a rich source of inspiration.


Exhibitions in art galleries, public places, cafes and restaurants in Denmark, among them “The Danish Museum of Photographic Arts.”

Latest exhibitions:

2019: Pakhuset kulturhus, Nykøbing Sj,  (art museum and cultural center on Sealand). 2018: 7 exhibitions, among them “vARTe” (art museum and cultural center in Jutland) and “Odeon” a new cultural center in central Odense. 2017: 4 exhibitions, among them “SAK” (Svendborg art museum and gallery). Esben Fog’s work has been featured in newspapers and photo magazines, among them “Danish photography” and “Kunstavisen” (The artmagasin). Short documentary on Danish television.

Esben Fog. 

Edvard Brandes Gade 15. 5000 Odense C

esben@esben-fog.dk.   site: http://www.esben-fog.dk/

+45 40 25 47 52


Visual artist Rithva Landler

Visual Artist Rithva Landler The works often have a monochrome surface or limited color gamut. Reality sensations, composed from the nature of poetry. moods and reverberations from the interior landscape. The love of life's many ways - to see and sense with the memory of the baggage. Those footsteps we choose to follow. Moods of the past and present merge into all works.

Debuted in 1992 with "A Question of Wings". Represented: Galleri Himmerland, Farsø, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. Gallery Dencker + Schneider, Frb. + Berlin, 2015, 2016, 2017. Art for all, Aarhus 2015. Helped to start "Frederiksberg Artist's Pool "in 2013.For 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. FRB Art 2016, 2018. Obsessed with Art 2014, 2016. Great Recycling 2017


Rithva Landler 

Atelier : Guldborgvej 12 kld. 2000 Frb.


Tlf 22998509



Visual artist Shefali Ranthe

Visual Artist Shefali was born in Bangladesh and adopted to Denmark as a babychild. Is she Danish or not? We think she is the prettiest young Artist talent and a photomodel as well so Denmark should be proud.

After 10 years in Dubai the Global Art Award winner 2018, Shefali Ranthe international artist is now based in Copenhagen.

Her art is colourful, thrilling and awakens the senses with her use of intense textures and generous brush strokes. Her collection “Joy of life” and “My fair Lady” Inspiration is found in the CoBrA and Avant Garde movement, and her paintings are defined by a unique style of semi-abstract, naïve, childish, innocent and spontaneous compositions of human- and animal creatures.

Shefali will not be limited by conventional techniques, but lets her inner child and the imagination take over the canvas.


She is curator and artist. She has participated is several art fairs in Middle East, Asian and Europe for instance in several biennales, museum and nationals’ galleries around the world.

Her collectors are from the whole world including the Royal family in Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi and also the Royal family in Denmark has Collected Shefali’s art.


Her art is permanent show case at The National Art Museum of China Beijing, The National Art Gallery in Dhaka, Bangladesh and at Bursa Museum of Migration History Art Gallery, Turkey

She has her Art Studio in hart of Copenhagen, Øster Søgade 10.



2019:  8th Beijing International Art Biennale, The National Art Museum of China. World Art Dubai, Light Installation “Nour”, Trade Center, Dubai. Solo Exhibition, Galleri Puls Art, Copenhagen, Denmark. Art Herning 2019, Galleri Helth Denmark.  

2018 18th Asian Art Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh. International Plain Air, Druskininku, Lithuania. Solo Exhibition, World Art Dubai, Trade Center, Dubai. Parallax Art Fair, Kensington London. 

2017 Brick Lane Gallery, London. 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, The National Art Museum of China. Solo, World Art Dubai, Trade Center, Dubai. Solo exhibition, XL Carré d´artistes, Marseille, France


More Info about

Shefali Ranthe

Mobil: +45 2783 6564
FB: Shefali Ranthe The Artist
Instagram: shefali.ranthe

Art Studio: Ved Glyptoteket 6, 1575 Copenhagen V

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